Wise Foods


Address: 7 Ernst Street, Doncaster 3108
Phone:03 9850 1686

Brimin Park ( Wise Foods ) began as an environmental business working in recycling, waste minimisation, aerobic composting and energy reduction technologies such as low energy lighting, geothermal airconditioning and solar products. Unfortunately, for a small company there is little profit in these activities in Australia, nor in Africa where we operated a branch in Kenya for 5 years.

The company diversified into international trading to support the losses in environmental activities. We began working in China in 1995, then in 2002 we started manufacturing metal furniture there (chairs, stools and tables mostly) specialising in stainless steel frames for durability and strength.

There are so many opportunities in China, we set up an office in Guangzhou and were offering a range of services. Not much interested the Chinese, but as a company with a solid history in Environmental and Agricultural science, many Chinese would query why Australia was importing the cheap, low quality food from China when we have such high quality “clean and green” food at home. This became such a pervasive experience, we decided to do something about the apparent opportunity and put all our efforts into exporting.

Our unique understanding of the environmental, food and agricultural industries across Australia means many Chinese and Asian importers view us as a source of a wide variety of Australian produce. Most other exporters focus on one category or brand of products but our USP is our ability to provide many categories and develop new brands for clients.