Unforgettable Products


Address: The Yarra Valley, Victoria
Phone: (03) 9844 2325

Nestled in the leafy surrounds of Warrandyte,
Something wonderful is happening …
A pot is being stirred, a mixture being swirled,
As culinary delights are brought to life,
To warm the heart and besiege the senses.

At Unforgettable Products, we have always known that the secret to creating delicious and memorable food is to cook from the heart.

From the humble beginnings of the family kitchen, a dedication in creating beautiful and delicious products has flourished; A love-affair with the sweeter side of life and the creation of something that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

Our sweet treats are from the heart, and above all, are about sharing a special moment. So often are those bittersweet moments complimented by a sweet tooth!

Food should be fun, heart-warming and beautiful to look at. And with this in mind, we encourage all to pick up a spoon, and with a dash of panache, trifle with our glorious range of gourmet dollop-it-yourself recipes, elegant treats and melt-in-your-mouth gourmet products.

Treat yourself to your heart’s desires and discover memorable taste sensations for those Unforgettable moments.