Tunstall Square Traders


Phone: 0412 345 078
Email:  i.goonan@bigpond.net.au

Tunstall Square Traders Inc. is a not for profit business that is funded by a separate rate scheme from the Tunstall Traders on the West side of Tunstall Square.  The money is collected by Manningham City Council  and is returned quarterly to the Traders group for use of advertising and promotion plus other identified needs of the Square.

 Tunstall Square Traders Inc. has a committee comprising of a President, Vice President, Secretary/Public Officer and committee members. Meetings of this group happen regularly. The body employs a Centre Manager and this person coordinates the trading group and attends to any day to day issues as well as the annual plan for the growth for the growth of the Square.

The Square is eager to ensure that community needs and safety are addressed when they visit Tunstall Square and that their experience is memorable. This is done by regular musical entertainment, Christmas festivities and an annual Festival plus celebrations on special occasions throughout the year.
A cleaner is also employed to ensure the Square is always pristine.