Treasured Ceremonies


Address: 421 Porter Street, Templestowe 3106
Phone: 0418 564 852

I want to make a difference in the funeral industry by providing unique funeral services for a reasonable price.

When my mother died, I found myself in the same place that everyone does when someone passes. Looking back afterwards, I did not like the impersonal process or the high cost. So I decided that I could and should make a difference.

Now I want to help as many people as I can through these times.

So I work as a funeral advocate and I am at the stage where people who have seen me before or their family have, are choosing me to perform their funeral services. I can arrange funerals and I also like to meet families who are going to be in need of funeral services as some stage in the future. I can advise them on many matters as well as what services are available, how they work and what the best course of action is.

I write Eulogies whilst a person is still with us to document their lives and give them a choice, and a say, in how their funeral will be conducted. I see a trend towards this, especially as the baby boomers are moving into old age and wanting a say in everything that happens.

For families, I can offer to be there when they need me, helping them through the process and be the one standing at the graveside with them.