The Girls On Anderson


The Girls On Anderson

Address: 29A Anderson Street, Templestowe 3106
Phone: 9846 2297

We are a clothing and homewares business, we pride ourselves on providing a beautiful environment for customers to shop in. Our customer service is excellent we listen to what our customers’ needs are, this includes their lifestyle, work life or retired lifestyle and special occasion clothing. When buying we consider our client base and try to find items on request. We have a great alteration service and we will deliver if the client has a tight time line.

We have focused on providing elegant and current fashion and select homewares pieces in an inviting environment. As our shop has full glass both front and rear our products are displayed in natural light avoiding a feeling that you are enclosed in a large shopping centre.

Our customer service is excellent. We ascertain what our customers would like by talking to them about their lifestyles, work life, pastimes and special occasions that they enjoy and then match that with appropriately styled and fashionable clothing.

We ensure that our stock selection gives us a point of difference by focussing on what we believe would excite our customer base rather than simply what would suite our preference or budgets.