Address: 125 George Street, Templestowe 3106
Phone: 0431 211 444

Sportkea is the first program of its kind in Australia giving preschoolers an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of various balls sports and athletics. The inspiration came to the developer (Fatima Tawfek) in 2002 and by 2003 it was up and running at various Manningham venues.

The Sporteka idea came as a result of my experience as a mothers and a social worker.

I have 3 children that have participated in sports activities from an early age and I have already witnessed how physical competence and sporting success from an early age has enhanced their confidence and self-esteem in their future endeavours.

As a social worker, I have visited many school and counseled young people with various issues including drug addiction.

I have witnessed the bullies as well as the youth with low self-esteem who tried very hard to belong to the group. They were easily affected by their surroundings and appeared to have limited experiences in life.

I wanted to create a program that helps every child gain self-esteem and confidence through the feeling of physical ability and sporting success from an early age so he/she does not succumb to the school bully or the teenage friend leading him/ her into drugs.

Hence Sporteka (Sporteka which is for Sport – Every Kid Achieve)

What makes Sporteka different from the competition is that Fatima (myself) is present
and coaches at every class with a vision in mind for every child and a supportive family friendly atmosphere for parent, grandparent and carer. Sporteka is not a franchisee but a program that has a mission and a vision and is run by passionate coaches to inspire children and families towards social and emotional health for life.