Shingle Inn Doncaster


Address: Shop 49, Westfield Doncaster, 619, Doncater Road
Phone: 9840 7698

Established in 1936 and purchased by the Bellchambers family in 1975, Shingle Inn Cafés & Bakery has been owned by only two families during its 80 year history, enabling the business to retain the quality and unique character which has made it famous amongst several generations.
Today, the business is run by brothers Peter and Andrew Bellchambers and an experienced team of personnel who embrace the strong ‘family’ culture, tradition and outstanding customer service on which the business’s enduring reputation was built.

We don’t rest on our laurels though and take the development of new and innovative products very seriously. Our constant focus on product development enables us to offer customers new products relevant to changing trends whilst always maintaining the superior quality for which we are renowned.

Product supply from our own central bakery also ensures we can quickly and easily implement new products and ensures we’re able to offer a product range that is unique and won’t be found in every competing café.
Coffee is a large and very important part of Shingle Inn’s business.

Shingle Inn offers its own blend of coffee and has a constant focus on improvement in this area of the business with a particular focus on dedicated in-store baristas to ensure we produce exceptional coffees on every occasion.