Shattering Glass Ceilings


Address: 5 Karen Court, Warrandyte 3113
Phone: 9844 4612

In the world of Corporate Staff Training, there a lot of businesses providing ‘one-day-shots-in-the- arm-of-motivation’ that fail to deliver sustainable results for clients.

Since 1989, I’ve been a ‘solopreneur’ providing leadership, team building, communication
and interpersonal skills training that enables meaningful learning for participants and sustainable change for my clients.

My clients tell me the things that distinguish me from my competitors include:

1. My Authenticity – What you see is what you get. Though dressed in business attire, I am same person in the business environment as you would encounter at the local grocery store – and my client and learners ‘get’ that. I share personal examples of the techniques I teach and have a very relaxed, personable yet professional style.

2. My Client Guarantee – For decades, I have offered a 110% guarantee – if my client feels
I’ve failed to deliver on my promises, they pay nothing, and I pay them 10% of my quoted fee by way of apology for wasting their valuable time.

In 27 years of business, I’ve never once had to honour this promise.

3. My Approach – I don’t provide ‘off-the-shelf’ programs. With every new prospect, I ask “What’s causing you to want this training right now? What’s happening at work you want to change? How will you know, after the program, your money, time and energy has been well spent? How specifically will your team be behaving that will tell you your outcomes have been achieved?” Based on their answers, I custom-design the solution that I can guarantee will solve their problems. Typically, the program is delivered in short sessions over a 3 to 12 month period, and incorporates online learning, such as webinars and Skype