Paw Relations


Address: Shop 2, 110 Wood St, Templestowe Lwr 3107
Phone: 9846 8146

Our business is dog grooming on behalf of dog owners. The grooming is carried out in our well- equipped premises in Templestowe.

Our unique Asian Freestyle Clipping sets our business and grooming style apart from the competition. As research shows only few grooming shops specialise in Asian Freestyle. Besides, our groomers are masters of dealing with matt removal and taming curly fur. Our prices are very competitive in the market.

Asian Freestyle is a creative grooming method that evokes a sense of whimsy in its pursuit
to make the dog look like a stuffed toy. This style pays no attention to breed standards and corrective grooming is not a priority. It is a look made up of ponytails, braids, weird moustaches and big ears.

Our business is focusing on how to merge Asian Freestyle into traditional grooming style and bring this new fashion to Templestowe and Manningham.