My Pet Portrait


Address: 1/17 Elizabeth Street, Doncaster East 3109
Phone: 0402 481 868

After working in my own practice as a clinical psychologist for many years, I decided to become a practicing artist. I made the change after being successfully treated for breast cancer as I wanted to reduce my stress levels. I also wanted to be engaged in meaningful work which gave me pleasure. I have always loved animals, as well as having a great passion for drawing and painting since childhood. My business is about taking photographs of peoples’ beloved pets and transforming them into unique artworks. I put my heart and soul into each portrait to convey the uniqueness of each animal. I speak with the owner and get to know a little about the animal, in order to create an accurate representation of its character. I bring the animals in my portraits to life. I realize that there are many artists who paint animals, but I believe my technical skills are of a very high standard and together with my love of animals and my passion for artistic endeavour makes me stand out in the marketplace.