Kingsford Podiatry Group


Address: 826 Doncaster Road, Doncaster VIC 3108
Phone: 9840 7877

At Kingsford Podiatry Group, professional care is given to maintain good health in foot care for all clients.

Our podiatrists offer exceptional care using a wide range of therapies to alleviate all foot related complaints.

We employ the most stringent Australian standards for hygiene and sterilisation and liaise with other health care professionals to give you the most comprehensive holistic podiatric care available.

The team at Kingsford Podiatry Group are caring and highly trained to focus on your specific needs and to give professional assistance with any questions you may have.

You will receive care from the treatment of corns and calluses to medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis, biomechanical and sport related problems and conditions requiring surgery.

For more complex problems, our registered specialist, podiatric foot and ankle surgeon Dr Andrew Kingsford is available for consultation.