Hall of Frame


Address: 141 Beverley St, Doncaster East VIC 3109
Phone: (03) 9842 5782

That’s right – love what we frame for you, or it’s FREE!

Frame important prints…The team at Hall Of Frame understand that you are trusting them with your precious memories. So we guarantee that we will treat your art, painting, photograph, footy jumper – whatever – as if it was our own. And if our unique, creative design doesn’t take your breathe away, then we don’t expect you to pay – simple as that!

We frame EVERYTHING – paintings to drawings, nostaligia to needlework and footy jumpers to medals. Or what about…a fossilised Shark’s tooth, antique guns, your baby’s first doll, MCC carpet, military flags, shells, indian arrow heads, etc. We frame everything.