Gutter-Vac Manningham


Address: 7 Toulon Drive, Templestowe Lower 3107
Phone: 0421 139 039

Gutter-Vac Manningham is part of a nationwide franchise that has been in operation for more than 20 years. Mina is the youngest franchisee in Gutter-Vac and is setting a new standard for Gutter-Vac franchisees with not only his enthusiasm, but his ability to secure large commercial contracts. Mina has already secured a second territory (Banyule) and further growth is in the plans.

Gutter-Vac is a unique system using a specialised wet/dry vacuum to clean gutters on both residential and commercial buildings. Fully safety trained plus insured, Gutter-Vac can not only give a professional vacuum clean to gutters, but do it in a way that is safe.

Gutter-Vac can also clean downpipes, solar panels, storm water sumps, complete pressure cleaning and tank cleaning for both residential and commercial customers. Gutter-Vac Manningham receives rave reviews from their customers.

Our competitors clean gutters by hand or they simply use a blower to ‘blow’ debris from gutters. The common misconception is that it is only the leafy debris you need removed, but under the leafy debris, you will find a layer of ‘sludge’.

This is the problem in gutters as it will cause blockages and rust. With our specialised wet/dry vacuum, we can clear this sludge – as well as the leafy debris. We also take all of the debris with us, leaving a clean site, which is rarely the case when cleaned by hand or with a blower.

Our tagline is Clean, Safe, Easy – and that’s exactly what Gutter-Vac does!