Doncaster Laundry Room


Address: 32 Jackson Court, Doncaster East, Victoria, Australia 3109
Phone: 0478886383

A Fresh, Clean & Welcoming space – The Doncaster Laundry Room may have you doing more Laundry than you ever expected.

Designed to bring CONVENIENCE & to cater for the hectic lifestyle of local residents – with comfortable seating, plenty of lighting, a collection of books, a kids play area & free WiFi – you may just choose to stay here hours after your Laundry Cycle has completed.

With State of the Art Machinery designed to cut your washing and drying time you will have your Laundry done in no time. The washing machines range from 10kg (2 standard baskets, about 25mins) to18kg (4 standard baskets, approx 30mins) imagine all the time you can free up to do things you really love!