Costumes without Drama


Address: 6/13 Molan St, Ringwood VIC 3134
Phone: (03) 8838 2616

We make and hire children’s costumes, specialising in school concerts.

Costumes without Drama make and hire costumes mainly for school and drama club concerts.

All costumes are catalogued, barcode-labelled and listed on a comprehensive computer database. Tracey has worked with a computer programmer to modify Filemaker pro to coordinate all aspects of the business, integrating costume data, invoicing, payroll and costume management.

Most costumes are made on site and over 95% of costumes have been made by Tracey. There are currently about 11,000 inventoried costume items. There are MANY not inventoried accessories. We have costumes ranging from a wardrobe with opening doors, and a teapot (Beauty and the Beast). We also have a 6 person carpet snake and a nine person Loch Ness Monster. All of these are able to be packed into a tiny lightweight space for shipping anywhere in Australia and are easy for children to use. There are also items like a set of 50 nuns, over 50 sailors, many army, police and other uniform sets and hats in sets of 25 – 50 pieces.

We provide a fitting service to schools and measure students, pick out the most appropriate costumes and make the final adjustments correct before productions.

At the end of the production when costumes are returned EVERY garment item is laundered on site. We try to use the most environmentally friendly cleaning products available, and air dry, as opposed to tumbling dry, once again, for environmental purposes. Few costume hire organisations wash everything every time and use products which are environmentally sustainable.