Address: 17 Rosella Street, Doncaster East 3109
Phone: 9893 7467

Chagall provides tailored support services to small business owners. Our target market is owners of small businesses who understand the concept of outsourcing, are willing to trust others and are wanting to partner with a supportive team who can help them get things done. Our most popular service is marketing support where we undertake every imaginable marketing task possible but each one tailored to the individual business and business owner. We work

closely with the owner, understand their goals, personality, resources, etc. and then assist them in creating and implementing an action plan that will deliver relevant outcomes for their business. Whilst we are cost effective in our pricing, dare I say on the budget end of the scale, we still need our clients to have an expectation of the need to spend money in order to achieve their business goals. We meet regularly with clients and vary the tasks according to new priorities or directions.

It is not a set and forget, same thing every day service. In order to assist clients with a small budgets we have introduced a series of work groups called Marketing Club where we work with small group of owners to assist them in planning and doing.

Our admin services are also varied in the tasks we deliver however the majority of the support we provide is in phone answering. This service allows clients to permanently divert their phone to us and we learn the relvant processes so

we can action the majority of incoming calls. Again it is our partnering with clients, working with them to understand the need, develop and deliver an effective process that frees them up for completion of core business activities.

Our bookkeeping service is traditional however we work with all manner of processes and software, again tailoring the service to the client and their needs and expectations.