Blue Pear Pantry


Address: 26 Stony Creek Rd, North Warrandyte 3113
Phone: 0415 170 733

Blue Pear Pantry (BPP) is a home based business providing healthy and nutritious home cooked meals as a convenient takeaway option for individuals and for the whole family.

BPP meals are conveniently frozen so they are always ready when you need them.

Our selection of healthy, delicious & nutritious meals are only prepared with free range and grass fed meats, fresh fruit & vegetables all from local suppliers.

BPP meals are prepared from scratch. By doing this, added preservatives & additives are eliminated.

We consciously choose ingredients to avoid including additives and preservatives in our meals and use gluten free ingredients where possible. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the same meal despite allergies or intolerances. BPP customize meals to suit individual allergens, tastes or intolerance. We want everyone to enjoy a night off from cooking.

Meals come in a size to share or in a serve for one.

Whether you have had a busy day, unwell, just had a baby, run out of time or its takeaway night, we have meals ready for you. We do all the shopping, chopping and cooking for you. No pots or pans to wash, no cooktops to clean. Giving back your precious family time. From the freezer to the microwave – Just heat and eat.

We are the takeaway alternative. Meals are available in local retail outlets, delivery is available or clients are welcome to collect from our home kitchen in North Warrandyte.