Begin Bright


Address: 11/114 James Street
Templestowe, VIC 3106
Phone: 0431 290 734

Begin Bright is an award winning School Readiness and Tutoring program designed by teachers to give children a positive start to learning. It’s based on the National Curriculum priding itself on valuing the needs of individual students, ensuring learning is fun and rewarding.
Established in January 2014, the first Victorian Begin Bright.

Through hard work and dedication Begin Bright Doncaster has become a popular choice for families who wish to support their children to be happy, smart and confident throughout their school life.

We are built on solid foundations of equality, respect and adding valuable education to children’s lives, enriching them forever. We aim to provide a fun and happy start to a child’s education through experienced and professional teachers.

We teach children between 3 and 12 years all aspects of Literacy and Numeracy. Our program design ensures children have a positive beginning to their lifelong learning journey. Through fun characters, stories and rhyme, letter sounds are easily remembered with activities designed to reinforce number logic. Beginning their education bright, children have a positive attitude and strive to achieve more throughout their lives.

This program enhances children ability in key areas such as
• Sound Formations
• Literacy and Numeracy
• Synthetic phonics
• Word decoding

Our method focuses on learning through visual and concrete materials. We certainly don’t want preschoolers to just sit and write, so every new concept is supported with activities to appeal to a child’s creative side. This visualisation of new concepts cements new information in children’s minds, making learning fun and allowing their education to Begin Bright.