Awaken the Inner Goddess


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Have you ever felt like you were stuck? Like you felt you were not able to progress?

Did the universe just not deliver?

Or are you someone who lost a part of who you once were? With too many responsibilities, involving children, cleaning, cooking, your health (or lack of), or your career chewing up your time and leaving you feeling emotionally and physically drained? How the hec is it so easy for some people? And how do you get out of the negative spiral you are in?
Awaken the Inner Goddess will be able to help you find the answers! We are:

SOLUTION BASED – We move our clients towards their future dreams and aspirations, instead of highlighting past experiences or reasons for present dissatisfaction.
CLIENT FOCUSED – We trust our clients’ own resources and skills, respecting their desires and vision for the future.
ACTION CENTERED – We motivate and inspire clients to take small, incremental steps allowing for massive, fundamental shifts in their attitude, behavior and habits.
STRATEGIC – We take the time to understand the holistic nature of each client, find the right tools and strategies required, and utilise a variety of techniques to trigger positive change in each individual.