The process for being recognised in the City of Manningham is gaining momentum! Expressions of interest close this Friday! If you’re in business, in Manningham, and you feel that some positive recognition and exposure to the wider business community would be good for you, join in the Manningham Business Excellence Awards.

Entering the Business Excellence Awards is an easy process. Fill out one of the forms with your expression of interest, and you will get yourself an Awards Mentor to help you with the application process.

  • A mentor is not a judge
  • Your mentor will not write the application for you

Your mentor will give you guidance in completing your application. They have experience both in business and with the awards process. They will be a valuable tool for you, a sounding board, an advisory service, to get you into gear, filling in the application, and getting you in the running for an award.

As well as guiding you, they will prompt you with some questions, food for thought, on topics such as what products and services you offer, how you are being innovative in your industry, how you measure your success, and how you are contributing to the community of Manningham.

The mentor will spend time with you, and with your business, coming to understand how you tick. They will go through the process, set some timelines and deadlines, and keep you accountable to the application process.

This may sound scary, a little bit intimidating, but don’t worry. These people are here to help and support you. The Business Excellence Awards are a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase yourself and your business, and let everyone know how awesome you are in the City of Manningham. And the Mentors feel the same. They want only the best for you and your business.

So hop to it! Get your expression of interest into the website right now

If you want to know more, contact Ben Harnwell, Manningham’s Coordinator of Economic Development & Tourism through email – or call him during business hours on 9840 9338.

Tell us your story, get involved, it’s more than just an award!

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