Since winning Manningham Business of the Year in 2014 the profile of our business has escalated and we are operating at a much higher level.

We have been lucky enough to be invited to speak at numerous events throughout the year, increasing the awareness of our business and also making some great contacts. Through these connections and other events we have had some terrific networking opportunities and met some wonderful people with likeminded businesses. Owning a business can sometimes be a lonely road and it has been great to surround ourselves with a community of businesses owners who are striving to achieve that bit extra and understand the ups and downs.

Our revenue has increased by around 25% in the last twelve months and we definitely attribute this to our win. Firstly there has been an increase in the awareness of H2Pro through our marketing and it has been a pivotal point in standing out from our competitors. Secondly, we feel quite accountable for owning ‘The Business of the Year,” and therefore we really wanted to step it up a notch and live up to the award. This has been a good thing. We have implemented more systems, we work much more efficiently and we have added more education and another tradesman into our business model.

In October Tony will be attending the three day Challenge to Lead Program.   This was donated by Rotary as part of our award win. We are looking forward to this event and it will be extremely timely for us with our growing team. We also received prize money which was greatly appreciated.

On a personal level, and probably the greatest reward of all, winning this award has given us the belief in ourselves. We work really hard and it is certainly not a 9-5 weekday job. The passion we have for our business and striving for excellence has intensified through the validation that we have received.  Also whilst winning has been wonderful, the knowledge that we have gained by writing the award, looking at out business from the outside in, has given us clarity that we would never have experienced had we not entered.

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