The Manningham Business Excellence Awards can get your business on the map locally, nationally and internationally. Through mentoring phase, you learn so much about being in business, and how you contribute to the community. And Expressions of interest close 15th June 2017

The entry process for these awards may seem a big mountain to climb, but we have help for you at all stages. Once you have completed the expression of interest, the next step is assigning you an awards mentor.

“Anna and myself had this dream, and now we’re able to live this dream. And all the people around us click, and what makes us work well.”
John DiPetro | Olivigna | 2016 Business Of the Year

The main benefit in completing an MBEA Expression of Interest is the allocation of an awards mentor to support you through the application process while also providing the business owner or manager with an outside thinking partner to help identify your areas of business excellence. Awards mentors are people who have extensive business knowledge with a majority of them being members of the Rotary Clubs of the City of Manningham.

Check out our website for stories from last year’s winners, and motivation for this year’s winners, which could be you. Nominate, Participate and Celebrate today!

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