The question we get asked the most is “Why should I enter the awards?” we have already published a two part blog outlining the benefits of awards however it is always better to hear it from the horses mouth. Or in this case from the past winners.

The Nomination Workshops have been blessed to be able to involve past winners, Julie Quinton and Deirdre Diamante who outline the process they took to writing the 2013 nominations. Participants to the Workshops have been able to ask questions and gain greater understand on the process of writing the nomination and how that affects the way the previous winners have looked at their business.


Leading tips from the winners include

  • Take you time, start early
  • Review your nomination
  • Ask for feedback from customers, suppliers and even staff
  • Work as a group, ask peers, mentors or your business coach for advice
  • Have fun…

“Within a month of receiving our Award, our company featured in the Business Section of The Age newspaper. The exposure instantly gained us 3 new clients…”

Deirdre Diamante, CEO MIA Consulting Services


Seven reasons to enter the Manningham Business Awards

  1. Cash Prizes
  2. Publicity and Marketing
  3. Credibility
  4. Increase Knowledge and Skills
  5. Opportunities and Networking
  6. Business Improvement
  7. Motivation
What drives you?


“Entering the Awards helps you with planning and has enabled me to look back on what we did with a different perspective… it has allowed me to plan my next 12 months.”

Greg Collins, Owner Computer Age systems

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