Another year and another fine field of entrants have been recognised with the Manningham Business Excellence awards.

The quality of participants grows each year which is a testament to both the competition and awards, and to the growing sense of community and pride for the businesses who operate in the City of Manningham. It was a grand affair with so many great people of Manningham, with deserving winners and a worthy grand prize winner.
Philip Webb Real Estate won Hudson Bond 2018 Manningham Business of the year for 2018.

Philip Webb Real Estate are a second generation business in Manningham who embody community, commitment and excellent values. They are a focused business, clever and mature, knowing where they are and where they are going, with a clear vision for success.

In an increasingly competitive environment they maintain excellence and stay true to their values.
“We were so surprised and excited about winning Business of the Year, and the other awards we won on the night. There were some fantastic Manningham businesses that were nominated as finalists, so to hear our name called was amazing.
It was a great experience and we really appreciated the support and guidance of the Manningham Business Awards.
Entering the Awards was a great experience and has really benefitted our business. Taking the time to stop and think about what you have achieved is important, so that you can plan for future success. ”

Along with their overall win, Rhiannon Fuller of Philip Webb Real Estate won 1st place in the inaugural Costanzo Lawyers 2018 Young Achiever Award. She was joined by the equally talented Maddie Kreutzer from Warrandyte Veterinary Clinic in second place, and Matthew Kalatzis of Comfort Feet Podiatry in third place.
Of Rhiannon’s win, Anthony Webb told us
“You can have the best systems and processes in the world, but if you don’t have the right team to follow them then they mean nothing. Our culture and our team are what make us the business we are.”

The award process is unique as there are no categories. Instead business is given an equal footing and judged on their own excellence in business. This has led to many fine businesses being awarded with prizes and acclaim.
The award winners for 2018 were:

Manningham Business Network Business Excellence Award – Altair Restaurant
We loved their attention to Customer Service and the varied methods they used to measure the success of it. They had great staff and their use of native Australian ingredients in their dishes really appealed to us, all with minimal wastage.

Challenge to Lead Business Excellence Award – Doncare
A community based business that is commercially savvy and operates a business model that most ‘For Profit’ businesses would be proud of.
“We were delighted to win this award. Writing the application and reflecting on our previous year was a really good exercise in recognising our achievements, which are often forgotten in the business of the work we do.”
We encourage others to apply for the awards because it is a very satisfying experience and such an honour to become a finalist.”

The Rotary Clubs of Manningham Business Excellence Award – BTYC Gymnastics
BTYC Gymnastics has a strong balance between recreational use and competitive use of their gym facilities. They have a lot which differentiates them from their competition, which in turn helps them better utilise space. They have a flexible business approach with strong forward thinking.

Manningham Business, Business Excellence Award – Comfort Feet Podiatry Group
A well run business under the expert leadership of five visionary entrepreneurs, who are highly skilled not only on modern podiatry, but also on effective business practices. A successful model of podiatry, which should be communicated through the sector as best practice.

We spoke to the winners after they collected their award:

In a highly contended Awards night against some truly inspirational businesses, how did you feel winning the Manningham Business Excellence Award?

As a business serving the Manningham community, winning the Award is obviously a fantastic achievement and a feeling of great reward. Furthermore, it reinforces the success of our business model having people and patients at the centre of what we do.

Any tips on running an excellent business?

1. Be very clear on what it is you are doing.
2. Ensure that there is a need in the market for your offering.
3. Address an unmet need across a number of segments in the community.
4. Add value to the industry you operate in.
5. Learn from mistakes.
6. Ask for help.
7. Focus on the big picture.
8. Hire the right people.
9. Be able to describe what it is you do in 1 clear and conscious sentence
10. Plan Plan Plan.
11. Be ready to change and adapt
12. Be concerned about your process and delivery…. don’t worry about money, money is a result of what you do.”

Volkswagen Doncaster Business Excellence Award – Templestowe World of Learning
Our judges discovered a great deal from their visit to the Templestowe World of Learning, so much more than what was in their initial application. And it is this process of visiting which can help businesses find out how truly great they are.

This is a business worth celebrating, they were totally worthy of winning this award from Volkswagen Doncaster. It is a well-run business which sets a high standard for itself in its market. This business is only going to grow into bigger and better things.

Business Benchmark Group Business Excellence Award – Park Orchards Community House & Learning Centre
This is an excellent organisation meeting community and social needs in Manningham, such a valuable resource which go beyond just the programs which they run for the people of Manningham. They have terrific clarity of what their ideal client is, and this leads them to serve their clients with aplomb.

“Winning the award on Friday night was truly wonderful. I was pleased and proud of this recognition of excellence. The whole team was thrilled to be acknowledged for the great work that we do in the community and the difference we are making.
The awards process showed me how far we have come over the past 12 months, particularly in relation to our customer satisfaction. Reading participants testimonials and looking at our growth reminded me how important it was to focus on our success.
Focusing on what we do well is a positive experience. Our desire for continuous improvement often has the team focusing on what better way to do things is, which is of course very important, but to focus on the wins and the feeling of success is uplifting.”

All participants agree that being a part of the awards process has them looking at their businesses with renewed vigour and positivity. Being a finalist and attending the gala dinner is wonderful, a great night out to mingle with other members of the Manningham Business Community. A chance to get dressed up and have some fun.

These awards and the big night itself could not have happened without the generous support of our sponsors ( of course.

Our main sponsor being Hudson Bond, a real estate agent based in Doncaster, who have been servicing the City of Manningham for over 23 years.
Our Award Sponsors
• Bendigo Bank (Doncaster East, Templestowe Village and Warrandyte Community Bank)
• Rotary Clubs of Manningham
• Business Benchmark Group
• Manningham Business Network
• Manningham Business
• Doncaster Volkswagen
• The Challenge to Lead
• Costanzo Lawyers- our Young Achiever of the Year Award sponsor.

And our other sponsors:
• Fruitbowl Productions- Event Sponsor
• 96.5 Inner FM- Media Partner

Of course, the Manningham Business Excellence Awards will return bigger and better in 2019. Keep an eye out on our website (, sign up to our newsletter, join the Manningham Business Network, and get involved. It is a positive experience for you and your business.

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