The 2017 Manningham Business Excellence Awards is in full swing! We have some high quality entrants who have been working with their mentors to produce inspirational stories about their business and their input into the community of Manningham. Our mentors are telling us that the competition just gets better and better!

Entries for this this year’s Awards close on Monday the 28th, which is just after this weekend, so you do need to hurry.

So how do you enter? Well we have a form to download on our site, click this link to be taken right there – download application form

PARTICIPATE. There is a list of what we want to know about you and your business. Let’s look at the break down:

  • Tell us about your business. We want to know about you. How long have you been in business in the City of Manningham? Why are you in business? Who are your ideal customers? How will this awards process make you feel about being in business?
  • Vision, Mission and Goals. This is the big story stuff. The WHY question taken large. What culture do you have in your business? How does this frame how you work with your staff, your clients and your community?
  • Products and Services. What do you sell? What do you market? How can we benefit from using your services?
  • Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. Look out to your customer base. What benefits do we get from hiring you and buying from you? What marketing plans do you have in place to take your business to bigger and better things? Do you have any testimonials from customers which can show us how great you are?
  • How is your company your business, looking to change and grow and innovate? What are you doing that no one else is? You’d be surprised how innovative you truly are.
  • Contribution to the Community. This can appear in many forms. From taking in employees and training them, sponsorship of local sporting teams or community projects, giving back to the community through sausage sizzles, donations and more. It is a good feeling to give, so share with us those good feelings.
  • Measure Success. How do you measure success? Through coin? Or through Social Media fandom? Through the smiles of everyone who comes through your door? Show us your success.
  • Work/Life Balance. What does this mean for you? Are you achieving it? If you’re not now, what plans have you in place to get to that sweet spot?
  • Leverage the Win When you get a win, a success, either through great customers, or through the MEBA, how do you reward yourself? How do you reward your team? How do you take that win, meld it with your business and then go further and higher and find more success?

Email the application here –

CELEBRATE. The Gala Awards Dinner is a great night out meeting all these other wonderful businesses in Manningham, networking and getting hints and tips from other winners. And you could pick up an Award. if you NOMINATE!


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