Doncaster Community Care and Counselling Centre, Inc. (Doncare)

Address: Suite 4, Level 1, 687 Doncaster Road, Doncaster 3108
Phone: 9856 1500

2016 Business Excellence Award

In today’s fast paced society, when the benefits of community are often only linked to thoughts of days gone by, Doncare actually creates community. As Manningham’s major community service organisation, Doncare offers a wide range of vital services to people across all life stages – from families with babies to the elderly. Doncare is also a place where people can give back to the community and have fun doing it.

Over 47 years, Doncare has become an integral part of the Manningham community and is the first point of call when people are in financial
or emotional crisis, or in need of practical or social support. Many of the services Doncare offers are not provided elsewhere locally, such as counselling for children and support following domestic violence.

Doncare operates a unique service model to offer as much support to as many people as possible. A small team of paid staff (equivalent to 21 full- time) train volunteers to provide direct services

to clients, making Doncare the municipality’s largest employer of volunteers. To assist so
many households in so many ways is a feat only possible with the helping hands of 535 volunteers who willingly give over 800 hours of their time each week to assist the local community. To maintain this level of support, and to supplement limited government funding, Doncare operates a social enterprise of 7 opportunity shops, which raise 43% of the organisation’s income. All funds raised are directed back into the delivery of community programs.

Enquiries & Bookings

For event bookings or general enquiries
please contact Jennifer Mills.
Phone 0401 797 253

Media & Press

For all media and press enquiries
please contact Ben Harnwell.
Phone 03 9840 9338