DMA Supplies Pty. Ltd

Address: 83 Bowen Road, Doncaster East 3109
Phone: 9812 0783

DMA Supplies is in the business of supplying Emergency Management Plans to Australian Standards 3745 РPlanning for Emergencies and Australian Standard 4083 РPlanning for Emergencies in Health Care Facilities for all types of facilities ranging from small office complexes through to Private Hospitals and high rise offices in the CBD of Melbourne. We also conduct training for those people who will fill the role of a warden during an emergency.

We utilise cutting edge training equipment when conducting extinguisher training. The equipment is environmentally friendly and does not damage the environment. This enables portable fire extinguisher training to be facilitated in operating theatres of hospitals and also passenger aircraft.

This also has the added benefit of causing no damage to the environment unlike traditional similar training.

DMA Supplies principal has 32 years experience in emergency management and fire fighting via the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.

Enquiries & Bookings

For event bookings or general enquiries
please contact Jennifer Mills.
Phone 0401 797 253

Media & Press

For all media and press enquiries
please contact Ben Harnwell.
Phone 03 9840 9338